YEAR | 2017

COURSE | Design Studio

PROGRAM | Master of Urban Design

The Urban Design Program at Columbia GSAPP is investigating climate response at multiple scales and collaborating with partners in institutions around the world and within the University from science & engineering, journalism, conflict resolution, economics and social justice. We aim to marshal the observations of the world’s best scientists and the agency of design toward action and defined, replicable climate adaptation projects in the world’s most vulnerable regions. We bring synthetic design thinking to this process and a stance of activism and engagement and believe that by building physical, resilient places we engage and educate communities about the risks they face. Kolkata, India is a coastal global megacity experiencing the effects of climate change with millions of lives and livelihoods at risk from inundation, increased rainfall, groundwater extraction, water quality, and rising temperatures. How we live with - and design for- water will be a central, defining element of the next century relative to climate change and urbanism.

POSITION | Adjunct Assistant Professor

TEAM | Julia Watson with Kate Orff and Laura Kurgan, Geeta Mehta & Dilip DaCunha