Treehouse Project with Rashid Johnson featured in Artsy interview with his son, Julius Johnson

November 22, 2017

The Long Island property of African-American artist Rashid Johnson was an overgrown impenetrable and unusable, woodland. Studio Rede envisioned a design that tied the physical elements of the project within a single narrative of awakening to nature - akin to a spiritual experience. ‘The Path’ is composed of spaces that amass to formulate a mental meditation. Like an eastern philosophical teaching, ‘The Path’ speaks to dualities - the tame and wild, the ordered and free, the earth and sky, the body and mind, the conscious and unconscious. Along the path is a treehouse built for Rashid's son Julius. For the article 'What Artists Can Teach Us About Parenting' featured in Artsy, Julius was interviewed in this canopy space called 'The Reflection'.

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