Ancient Innovations at Collapse Exhibition


YEAR | 2018

STATUS | Completed

SERVICE | Exhibition

ROLE | Invited Exhibitor

TEAM | Studio Rede 

CLIENT | Global Design NYU

Studio REDE is exhibiting in COLLAPSE: CLIMATE, CITIES & CULTURE at Global ​Design NYU (GDNYU) fro m June 12, 2018 to June 29, 2018.
The exhibition focuses on the design community's response to environmental extremes. Studio REDE's contribution will feature models and visual graphics under the title "Extinction Ancient Innovations." 

‘Extinction of Ancient Innovations’ presents an alternative to the cultural artifacts typically displayed in museums. The cabinet of curiosities exhibits miniature reconstructions of indigenous innovations like the Living Bridges of the Khasis of India; the Rice Terraces of the Subak of Bali; and the floating islands of the Uros of Peru and the Ma’dan of Southern Iraq. These technologies reframe the people of the Fourth World as innovative, rather than primitive, designed in response to environmental crisis such as famine, flood, drought, storm, lack of territory or arable terrain. Borne out of scarcity, they’re sustainable, adaptable, resilient and symbiotic with natural systems with more featured in a forthcoming book titled, ‘Ancient Innovations: From the Fourth to the First World’. 


Julia Watson

Jane Chongsuwat

Despo Thoma

Despina Linaraki

Brittany Roy