LOCATION | Hamptons, USA

YEAR | 2017

STATUS | Completed

SERVICE | Residential

ROLE | Landscape Designer

TEAM | Studio Rede with Peterson Properties

CLIENT | Rashid Johnson

Bridgehampton Estate is private woodland owned by contemporary African-American artist Rashid Johnson. The site was located at the rear of the 6 acre forested property, which was overgrown and impenetrable creating a dead zone; both visually and physically. Studio Rede envisioned ‘The Path’, a journey composed of various spaces that one can experience along its length that merge together amass into a mental meditation. The path speaks to dualities - the tame and the wild, the ordered and the free, the earth and the sky, the body and the mind, the conscious and the unconscious and unifies all these dual experiences. While ‘The Path’ is the continuum on this journey, it is composed of 7 experiences; the earth, the sky and five other distinct spaces that exist between them. The experiences are called the following; the Collection, the Cleansing, the Pyramid, the Reflection and the Listening Circle.

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