National Parks Now Design Competition

November 4, 2014

Great Falls National Park is a contemporary national treasure that sits atop many complex layers of historic transformation and change. As literally the kinetic heart of Paterson’s industrial development, the Great Falls and the surrounding park can now re-emerge as the cultural heart of a dense urban community. Situated in the midst of socio-economically and ethnically diverse neighborhoods the newly designated park provides a rare opportunity to re-imagine how parks can enrich the urban landscape and provide a vibrant and integrated social atmosphere. From an array of professional and academic fields, our highly accomplished team is uniquely prepared to take advantage. Drawing on the dynamic nature of interactive mobile platforms for community building and self-guided touring, we will develop a host of strategies to generate a more immersive experience for park users, valuable data for stakeholders, and economic opportunities that will make the park more sustainable through a phased program for the future. Though focused on Great Falls National Park, this project is scalable and can serve as a model for many parks across the country.