YEAR | 2009

COURSE | Technology Seminar

PROGRAM | Master of Architecture & Urban Design Seminar

In response to environmental crisis and following so-called green principles, landscape and architectural practice has been learning to harness the cyclical over the linear. These engagements have remained relatively undeveloped, as generally the terms of ‘sustainability’ have been adopted but not the practice. Having acknowledged the need for ecological thinking, we are now passing through a significant threshold in which these ideas are being translated into new material technologies and systems. This seminar offers the opportunity for students to research the application of new materials and technologies to environmental systems, which have been classified within the terms Climatic, Growth, Terranean and Fluid. The ambition will be to generate new dimensions for landscape and architectural thinking as deployed through critical practice. To help define and expand upon this conversation, the work of practitioners leading these changes in the expanded field will be explored as case studies. Accompanying these case studies, guest speakers will discuss their research and experiences of working with emerging materials and systems. Concluding the seminar, the students will be asked to present their own conceptual projects, which create new formulations for emergent materials, technologies and ecologies.

POSITION | Adjunct Assistant Professor

TEAM | Julia Watson

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