LOCATION | Kolkata, India

TYPOLOGY | Aquafarming
SYSTEM | Sewage Fed Aquaculture Water Treatment
PEOPLE | Bengalese

The full complexity, ingenuity, diversity, and richness present within the East Kolkata Wetlands cannot be overstated. It is synonymously a fishery, waste management system, agricultural field, rice paddy network, diversity incubator, social equalizer, community hub, grazing land, and heritage site. The coupled human-nature system (CHANS) created in Kolkata is no less than a wonder of science and ecology, a highly interdependent living infrastructure that embodies the true meaning of adaptability and sustainability. Over time, the East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) has become the foundation for Kolkata city, a living and incredibly resilient circulatory system exchanging waste for food. As beautiful as the wetlands are to behold, even more impressive and notable is their ability to demonstrate synergy between man and nature.

Illustrations by Despo Thoma

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