YEAR | 2015

COURSE | Research Seminar

PROGRAM | Advanced Architectural Design Degree

The Environments design seminar, will examine the urban in-between, which includes all horizontal and vertical surfaces as spaces for co-operative eco-tech agrarian growing systems. The seminar will examine classical gardens, adapted infrastructural parks, exterior green walls and roofs and urban farms to embed an agragrian design framework within the discourse of green eco-technology. Our definition of urban open spaces will extend beyond the ground plane to include all private exterior surfaces visually exposed to the public realm from the ground plane, interior aspect and airspace. Just as France this week enacted new environmental legislation decree that new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels1, New York City will be envisioned as an environment embedded with all the essential needs of the city; including culture, ecology and humanity. The future relationship between the adaptability of the growing city and the opportunities offered for growing living eco-technology along the continuous city surface will be explored. This will become a new model for ‘human-nature’ co-operation, which is a key concept in the resiliency framework and an essential but commonly overlooked premise in the design of successful and resilient communities.

POSITION | Adjunct Assistant Professor

TEAM | Julia Watson