YEAR | 2013

STATUS | Completed

TYPE | Video

ROLE | Writer & Producer

TEAM | Julia Watson with Murray Hall and Lily Erlinger

Saga Dawa is a visual essay of a month long pilgrimage through the transforming landscapes of the Tibet Autonomous Region, to the world's holiest mountain, Kailash. On the fifteenth day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, the Saga Dawa festival is held in the golden valley of Tarbouchen, celebrating Buddhas birth, death and attainment of Nirvana. Globilization and its associated changes are having a high-speed impact on this remote landscape, causing irreversible changes to the Tibetan culture and to environmental systems that have potentially vast climatological ramifications for the global community. This visual essay reframes the lens through which we view Tibet on the scale of global repercussions.